What is e-PA?

‘e-PA' is a web-based Prior Authorization system for dispensing Pharmacies to submit Pharmacy TARs electronically. PHC requires prior authorization for Non-Formulary drugs as well as Formulary drugs with requested usage outside formulary restrictions or claim limits to ensure that the most clinically appropriate yet cost-effective care is provided to its members. The goal of e-PA is to help dispensing pharmacies easily submit the required information so that PHC can efficiently process requests – and most importantly, so that members can receive needed care in a timely manner.

e-PA is a HIPAA compliant secured system which verifies a potential user’s identity & eligibility to use the system. This system utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which is used with secure web servers and ensures that personal logon information is transmitted as encrypted data. As such, the carrier, cardholder number, name and group will never be transmitted in a form that could be captured as recognizable data by outside parties.

To successfully use all features of the e-PA system, ensure that your computer system meets the following minimum requirements:
  • Reliable Online connection
  • Web browser (This system is compatible with all browsers)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader